Your guide to adopting colored plashers throughout the year for a lively and fun part

Arabs Today - your guide to adopting colored plashers throughout the year for a lively and fun part

Each season is characterized by a certain color, strong colors, bright and cheerful for the summer and dark colors of winter and autumn, and the reason is generally about temperature and the ability of some colors to absorb or not absorb heat, and therefore dark colors are necessary for winter to maintain the warmth and openness of the summer to ensure no choking, It plays a role in this area, but the fabrics are the foundation, so a light colored jacket can give all the warmth you need during the winter if it is a winter cloth of good quality and vice versa for the summer.

Some prefer to be vibrant and fun regardless of the color and color associated with it. To achieve this, the whole secret lies in the plazer because it is the elegant facade that will paint all your chapters and give you a stylish look.

Colored dress means dress in neutral colors, and of course it is not meant to wear clothes in very strong colors but choose those that give elegance and vitality, so how can the colored plasier be adopted in each chapter?

The Plazer the green
Green in all its gradations of beautiful and elegant colors. Some are afraid of it because it tends to be part of casual fashion but there is a possibility to adopt it as part of the smart casual and even formal dress. From dark green to oily, and other gradients of color, and this is appropriate for all seasons, and in fact gives colored plaques distinctive. When the green placer is adopted, the other options must be all in calm colors. In the end, the colored platter is the star and must be allowed to emerge. For those who do not have an idea of ​​the mechanism of color coordination, gray is ideally suited for both green and black. Gray prefer to have a clothing color and black for shoes. If the jeans option is preferred, the top should be neutral in color with minimal or no additions.

Red Plazer
When the red is mentioned, the majority of men shake her head disapprovingly, but the red is not necessarily the bright bright color that makes the man appear a comic heroine. The idea here is to exploit the gradients of color and thus adopt those that are the most beautiful and elegant. When choosing a red blazer, make sure that the cloth is in texture and size. Of course the gloss is completely forbidden regardless of which color you choose from the red gradients, preferably prefer those that tend to be somewhat dark. Of course other options should be of quiet colors that do not contain any additives.

Blue Plazer
When talking about colored plashers especially the colour blueThe blue plazer is not in it because it is a dark color, and after excluding the alkhali from the colored plasier options there are all the other gradients you can choose from. If you are concerned about this trend because the blue, especially if it is open can be strong and prominent you can choose to cut dark clothes with blue light blue. For example, a light blue blazer with khaki or dark denim pants. On the other hand if you are a category that likes the experience in color and do not be afraid of it you can adopt the color of one color or choose pants that are in a different color contrasts with the blue.

The Benfese Plane
Violet is the color that most men try to avoid though it is a color that has depth and elegance as it can be bold and fun at the same time. Violet can bring vitality to the look of all colors of the plasar, but unlike the other patterns Benfjsi gives you the distinction because it is not common colors in men. There is no need to fear him because coordination is easy, especially that what we seek is the quiet and elegant and not noisy. When you adopt a violet plier everything else from the shirt, pants, necktie and even socks must be neutral colors. If you are a category that does not know how to coordinate colors, then grayscale is used to create the desired effect with the UV jacket, for example dark gray pants with a light gray sweater or vice versa. White and khaki color are also safe options with violet.

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Plazer in pink color
The pink color has entered the world of men's fashion for years, yet it is still controversial and there is a great divide around it. When we talk about colored plashers, their pink color makes men flee in the opposite direction. But before rejection, we will recommend specific gradations of this color, not all of them. In fact, the floral plaid can make you look very elegant because with the right colors your change will change completely. Blazer in pink with a white shirt and dark blue pants are ideal choices. In fact, dark blue is ideally suited to syphilis, which reduces its intensity and makes your hair masculine if you are afraid of being a "female" color.

Rules to follow when choosing a colored plasier

– Color should match your skin color so choose very carefully.

– The cloth should be suitable for the nature of the separation.

– Avoid any cloth that shines, so the luster makes the cloth look cheap.

– Colored colors should be chosen for clothing when colored plasar is adopted.

– When you have no idea what to adopt, blue jeans and a white shirt with colored blazer are an option to succeed each time.


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