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You will say goodbye to Facebook after the day: This new social network gives you a large monthly salary for access to your account only! Quickly take the opportunity

Do you want to make money using just the social network that promises to pay 50% of your earnings per month?

Well, webtalk is a new social network that takes this into consideration, because the use you give to your account and account will earn you a few dollars.

Every 5 minutes of your social network, you get 0.01 cents. This thing I think is not bad! Think for a moment, if Facebook has paid us all to use it without paying you anything of its huge profits, now certainly with this network your debt will have extra money without or cost yourself.

The referral system from “webtalk” is very important. If you call anyone, you will get $ 1 each month and imagine if you call a large number you will have a salary for that.

If you have, for example, 5 referrals you earn $ 5 a month, and if you have 10 or 30 referrals, you earn $ 10 or $ 30 and so on …

The way this company works is very simple and has a multi-level concept, where it depends on giving a portion of its profits to the users themselves. For example, Facebook made $ 40 billion last year, thanks to all its users, which is to say that Facebook was multi-level and returned part of its income to users, for example, it should distribute, for example, $ 20 billion. Dollars between all people using Facebook. Well, that’s what this company wants: to make a lot of profits, but also to distribute a portion of those profits among people who use the network.

Link : webtalk


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