You know that it's dangerous to see you after the engagement

The Arabs today - I am aware of the danger of being dragged after the engagement

In contrast to the romantic stories that were raised on her, when the princess lives all her life and dream of connecting with the prince until the meeting ends and the story ends with eternal happiness, sometimes it is the opposite and is connected despite the cold between the two lovers and despite the confusion of harmony or not. Therefore, many destructive and frightening feelings may creep into the heart of the supposed beloved. So what is it? Find out the details!

– Absence: You are supposed to dream of wearing engagement ring, and imagine that you lying on your bed and that the ring will move to the left hand after a short time. But the feeling that this ring is applied to your neck as if it is causing you suffocation, and the shame of wearing it and feeling a strange comfort when you leave it is a scary thing that does not bode well.

– nostalgia to the past: With the attachment of the girl usually feel revenge from the entire world, especially from previous relations that hurt and tortured and feel that they paid her a knockout. But the fear you may have in this case is nostalgia for a former lover, attention to his news, jealousy of him, and the feeling that the unfortunate end is approaching!

– Feelings of non-attachment: These feelings are intertwined in fact, not to be enthusiastic about thinking, preparing or moving to the next stage of marriage, feeling free heart, and thinking in depth every young man tries to get closer to you and not to disclose the foot on the engagement even to the nearest people.

– The boredom and frustration: Usually describe the post-engagement stage in the most beautiful, especially for the girl who is living the happiness of her counterpart these days, take her thinking and talk about the present and the future and see life smiling with all its windows, but the danger here not to feel this feeling but on the contrary you feel bored and frustrated And loss even if you do not know that these feelings are caused by your association, it is most likely to be the biggest responsibility.

– Thinking of withdrawal: Despite the engagement, and to consider everyone around you that your emotional life and found its misfortune, do not underestimate yourself that engagement is a period of time you can withdraw from them, feelings do not destroy you and do not bode well for your joy and love for those associated with it!

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