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You can hack any Website via this malicious trick!

After the hackers knew about this malicious trick in Watasab they made them fully control the account.

The security code, which follows the British company Sophos, warned against the trick, and also warned that hackers could hack and access Wattab account users, citing poor protection of their voice mailbox.

These attacks have taken a very dangerous turn and have warned many countries through electronic security authorities of millions in order to pass the necessary protection measures.

As Sky News says: To control the Wattab account, the hackers install a new account using a phone number for the victim, at a time when users are asleep or not using their phones.

It sends them an application and assigns the activation code consisting of 6 digits to the user’s phone number. Hence, the option of sending another activation message via voice call is directly connected.

This is where hackers exploit the security hole in the voice mail service for users. Many companies offer a public number to call the voice messages. In many cases, users will still have a default mailbox protection code.

It is the hacker pirates who put the bilateral protection so that the owner of the original account is unable to return his account no matter what he tried

To protect against these attacks and hackers, experts recommend that you now place the binary protection feature in the Settings menu and choose the account. Experts also stress the need to place a complex password for your voicemail service——————

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