World 's Richest Youtube Celebrities

Since 2005, YouTube has become the new platform for many new celebrities, who have built a strong relationship with their followers on the site, and moved their relationship outside of YouTube by working with major companies, and estimated their profits in millions!

The names of some YouTube celebrities who have been able to form a large public base have given them moral and material advantages, most of them being millionaires thanks to the content of their channels.

In this article, we review the top 10 YouTube celebrities who have been able to collect wealth through their channels and content.

The richest YouTube celebrities in 2018 ..

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

A fortune of $ 14.5 million.

Although his brother was fired from the Google Preferred website after posting a video showing a person who committed suicide in a jungle in Japan, Logan's popularity is still high, especially after appearing in many cinematic roles and dramas. Logan had launched his own brand called Maverick after his parrot.


Felix Schilberg

A fortune of $ 15.5 million.

Despite his decline after being accused of spreading negative anti-Semitic jokes on his YouTube channel, Disney declined to partner with him. However, Felix Schillberg, a Swedish citizen, managed to get advertisers back on his channel and his profit from a single trailer was about 450,000 Dollars.



A fortune of $ 16 million

Seán McLoughlin is the most famous Utopar in Ireland thanks to his commentary on video games through his YouTube channel. He has also created a Disney series and develops exclusive content for the live Twitch platform.

Vanoss Gaming

Ivan Fong

A fortune of $ 17 million

Evan Fong is a Canadian Utopian that has made its fortune by playing the most popular video games like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed and sharing it with YouTube followers. In addition, Evan shares his tracks with hip-hop music, but is not as profitable as video games.


The richest YouTube celebrities

17.5 million dollars

Mark Edward Fischbach is known on the Internet as Markiplier, an Native American from Hawaii and a video game specialist with horrifying content. Recently, he signed deals worth billions of dollars, and launched a sophisticated sports line for players called Cloak.

Jeffree Star

Jeffrey Starr

18 million dollars

A cosmetics and cosmetics specialist with over $ 100 million in eye shadow, lipstick and other cosmetics.


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<p><strong>$ 18.5 million</strong></p>
<p>"Daniel Robert Middleton" is a professional British character in the field of video games, especially the game "Minkraft." His channel has been listed on YouTube as the best channel in the UK this year.</p>
<h3>Dude Perfect</h3>
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20 million dollars

A five-man sportsman is Kobe, Curry Couton, Jarrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Tony, who specialize in sophisticated professional tricks in front of the camera.

Jake Paul

Jack Paul

$ 21.5 million

An American actor and Uttiupar was famous for his boycott of FINE. His business fell after publishing a video from the forests of Japan showing a suicide bomber hanging from a tree, making many companies back away from contracts with him.

Ryan ToysReview

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<p><strong>22 million dollars</strong></p>
<p>Who would have believed that the richest Utopur is a child under the age of seven! Ryan has made a fortune of $ 22 million from his YouTube channel, which is watched by more than 17 million followers and features countless games. Even the largest stores in the world, such as the Walmart chain, began to sell games and collectibles that he talks about in his district, which was a great success.</p>
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