Women are more pleased than precious gifts

Today 's Arabs - Roses Women are more than precious gifts

"Women are thin objects and tend to everything that was small and carry great meanings of love and romance," said Dina Mehab, an expert on etiquette. "Women are very happy with some practical gifts like clothes and cosmetics, precious gifts like sapphires, diamonds and cars. These gifts are probably more valuable to men. "

"If we look at it objectively, we find that the man who takes his material circumstances is an excuse not to pay attention to his wife's feelings, if he realizes that she is just a rose bearing her love and thinking about her, and assures her that he still remembers her and still feels inflamed towards her. As an apology for not being able to achieve her wishes, and here you will notice a wonderful reaction from his wife, no matter how she always tries to pretend to ignore such manifestations of romance.

Finally, an expert on etiquette advises a man, "Do not underestimate the interests of women, which is nothing to you at all that represents everything."

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