Wife of the Shah of Iran: The West brought Khomeini to power

Wife of the Shah of Iran: The West brought Khomeini to power

Ramallah – National Home
The wife of Iran's Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Farah Depa, confirmed that the documents and the confessions of some European officials proved that the West had brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power in Iran.

Deba said in an interview with Radio Varda, Iran, that the ruling family obtained documents proving the support of Western countries for Khomeini to reach power.

"You see now with the documents that have emerged. Yes, the West was involved in supporting Khomeini. I remember that a US force led by a general called Heyzer came and asked us to leave Iran within five days. His Majesty the King had no knowledge of that. .
"Then the American ambassador to Tehran, William H. Sullivan, came to the Shah and asked him to leave Iran, because where he would go to the cities of Iran would put out protests against him, and he said all things were leading the revolution, and then foreign newspapers and foreign television and radio broadcasts attacked Iran."

"There are evidence, documents and confessions from senior Western officials that confirm that they have provided Khomeini with support in the media and others for several years." I saw Mr. Lord Owen, then British Foreign Secretary in London, and told me that if we knew that the king was ill, What happened in Iran, well, what do you understand? "

"I said later that if Iran were indeed affected by human rights, how was the West all these years silent? They would say something but they did not say a single word about the things that happened in Iran in the past years, why now are they talking about human rights?"

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