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Why this add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox is very important and you should download it!

One of the functions I was most impressed with with the latest update to Windows 10 was the new clipboard that Tor copied and stored dozens of things and also synced in the cloud for added convenience.
However, in other versions of Windows, Linux, or WAC, this option is not fully integrated where third-party tools are required. In this case we can use an add-on such as the Google and Firefox Multicopy, allowing us to copy multiple texts and paste them directly from the browser.

Everything is stored in the same file and you will always have it at hand. To use it, just select the text you want to copy by right-clicking it. Instead of using Copy or Copy in the pop-up menu, use “Multicopy” and “Copy this” Everything you copy will be saved in the Multicopy menu.

You can also use the add icon added to the address bar in your browser to view And To manage things you’ve copied before. From there, you can also access the Multicopy settings.

Add Link to my browser: chrome And firefox

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