Why not grow a beard for women?

Of the innate questions that come to the minds of young people a lot, and perhaps in your mind such questions before! While men grow a beard, why not grow a beard in the face of women?

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<h2>Why do not women's beard and mustache grow?</h2>
<p>Since birth, the human body has soft, light, fluffy hair that spreads on children's bodies. This hair develops and becomes more dense and stabile with the onset of puberty by the secretion of sex hormones known as androgens.</p><div class=

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<p>Where the androgens affect human hair, and this varies according to gender. Men develop higher levels of androgens, making their hair grow more often than women, especially in the facial area.</p>
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Hormones play a prominent role in stimulating hair growth in the human body according to its sex. Androgens, which increase the level of secretion in males at puberty, increase the chance of growth of facial hair and the development of beard and mustache, while less secretion of these hormones in women in adulthood, and less hair thickness and rapid development of the face.


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