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Why if your heartbeat is less than 60 beats or more than 100 should visit your doctor Here are three applications to know your heartbeat

Over the last three years, phone technology has focused on monitoring our physical activity with the help of different sensors integrated into smartphones. So far, all smart phones have not integrated the sensors needed to measure the heart rate, so it is based on the flash. If we have flash close to the mobile phone camera, we can measure the heartbeat more accurately.

Pulse rate is inversely related to the human life rate, meaning that the older the person is, the lower the pulse rate. Thus, the pulse is at the highest rate at the fetus and then the child, and gradually decreases to its lowest age. The pulse rate is defined for each age and at the longest stage in human life, which is the youth stage between the 18 and 18 years. The normal pulse rate ranges from 60 beats per minute to 100 beats per minute.
If you have a pulse of less than 60 or more than 100 beats, you should check with your doctor where you may have problems
the heart , So use one of the following applications for your true heart rate identifier:
Instant Heart Rate

Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter
Heart Rate Monitor

Of course, to use your smartphone as a heart rate monitor without the need for custom sensors and using these applications you will have to open one of these applications and then put your finger on the LED flash will be calculated heartbeat.

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