Why did Megan Markle separate from her first husband?

Why did Megan Markle separate from her first husband?

The documentary "Meghan Markle: Movies, Marriage & Motherhood" shows the reasons for the Duchess of Sussex divorce from her first husband.

The documentary filmmakers highlight Megan Markle's life before meeting Prince Harry. The film's owners are based on an interview with reporter Ashley Pearson, who closely shares the lives of the royal family.

Pearson confirmed that the main reason for the divorce of Megan Markle from her ex-husband and famous Hollywood producer, Trevor Engelson, is the fact that they have to spend most of the time apart because of their future and reputation for acting.

"They were together for seven years and married for two years," said Pearson, "and after their marriage, she was called to work in the Suits series so I traveled to Toronto and her husband stayed in Los Angeles.

Markle was launched from Engleson in 2013. In November 2017 Prince Harry introduced her to marriage, which he did in May 2018.

Source: The Mirror


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