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Who is the gold flower?

Who is the gold flower? who is the gold flower?

Who is the flower of gold Subhan, who ridiculed us everything in the universe to serve humans and animals and birds, including food, including medical for humans, where some plants are used in medicine, prophetic and human and also used in operations and medicines, where plants rely on nature, it helps to heal the patient well.

Who is the gold flower?

  • This flower represents several meanings in each of the countries of the West, it means the revival of life in the events and especially in the birth of the newborn to give them a longer life of the newborn, and this happens in Asia, but in Europe expresses a sense of sympathy and affection, in America, Respect and appreciation, and in Japan, this flower is essential in Japanese and Chinese medicine treatment.

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Features of gold or chrysanthemum flower

  • It is characterized by several features including the treatment of some diseases and perfumes, and characterized by superficial appearance, and used this flower in the era of the Greeks were used in the treatment of pain relief and the juice is also used as an anti-inflammatory.

What is the use of daisy flower?

  • This flower has many benefits that benefit the human, it works to activate the immune system within the human body, and also works to fight bacteria and improve the functions of the heart and prevent the clot, and use dandelion leaves infected place, especially the head during the headache, Which is prepared during digestion of food and prevents the presence of constipation, gases and bloating occurring inside the human abdomen, and used in the treatment of so-called acne, which appears in some.

Is this flower a plant or not and are there other names for this flower?

  • Is a type of plant and is one of the most important plants used in the field of human medicine and is called Chrysanthemum and has many other names, including (Russian penicillin).

What's the secret behind calling it that name?

  • This is called to get the color of bright yellow like the sun and this gives it the attractiveness and shine of gold and luster for this known and named by the name of the beauty and attractiveness of others.

Colors of daisy flower

Two other types are yellow:

  1. The first color: the color is red and this color expresses love and adoration.
  2. The second color: is the white color and this symbolizes serenity, loyalty and loyalty.
  3. In some areas, this flower represents the population of these areas in its general form, indicating love, longevity, loyalty and sincerity, whatever its color in its general form and not its own.

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What are the most important requirements for planting this flower?

  1. Select suitable soil for planting and expose the flower to the sun to help it absorb moisture and nutrition.
  2. Do not cultivate in the same soil more than 3 times sequentially to avoid being infected by the pest, disease and other problems that can be exposed due to the large number of agriculture in one place.
  3. The main condition for planting and extracting a wonderful product must be a distance between the flower and the other so as not to damage them.
  4. One of the most important things is feeding the flower every two weeks and nutrition is scary.

What is the origin of the gold flower?

  • Before its spread in all Western countries, Europe and Australia have long existed and grown in Eastern Europe only, but after the spread of the benefits of treatment of many diseases, has spread cultivation around the world, a flower short-lived and smell pungent and gall bladder high, and used since time in the field of Medicine for the treatment of some diseases, including arthritis, birth, headaches and other diseases.

What is the use of gold flower?

Dried leaves are used in the form of capsules and tablets, and are also used in tea, but for the present time used by locals as a supplement to food and the prevention of some diseases, including:

  • Especially migraines, to avoid menstrual cycle problems in women, and antiseptic to avoid skin diseases and tooth infections.

Are there side effects like other drugs?

  • Although it is a natural plant and has many advantages and benefits, it does not make it to give up side effects and this is rare, because of some people suffering from allergy suffered by the patient, because of the use of the juice of the flower or smell, News of his doctor immediately, the most serious of which is the patient's difficulty in breathing and other effects that endanger the patient.

Recipes used by housewife in treatment

The tree leaves are used to treat and calm the skin due to the sun's rays, and drink it after boiling like the other hot drinks to help improve the stomach and relieve pain.

The chapters that sprout the flower of gold are:

  1. When the spring comes and the flower grows, the flowers must be split from each other for three to five years so that the flower is not exposed to overcrowding.
  2. Complete soil care and use of sharp clean tools.
  3. Clean the place seriously from diseased or damaged flowers.
  4. After separating the good flowers, they must be replanted in a fertilizer-rich land that is moist and not dry.

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Through this article we have talked to you about who is the flower of gold and reminded us all the details that belong to that article and we hope that the information we have provided you useful, if you like the article do not forget the article to benefit everyone.


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