Where and when boating started

Where boating started and when Where and when boating started

Rowing is one type of sport.Paying is powered by oars, and oars can reach up to eight oars. Holding paddle in one hand, boating is mainly in competitions in rivers and inland lakes, and paddle in boating, and racing is a wooden board with one end of a circular handle, and the other end is a bit thin, and the column is about two halves Hollow together to bits Lloyd flexibility, saving weight, and contains oar on the skin or metal or plastic rings are subject to pressure, and to work to prevent sliding the boat, and now you can find out more information about Where boating started and when through a cultural information site.

The rules of boating in the Olympics

  • Boating in races is a distance of up to 2000 meters, which is equivalent to 1.25 miles for men, and 1000 meters for women, boats are pushed, and moved in a straight line.
  • In races 6 tracks are selected, these tracks are marked by buoys every 500 meters.
  • Boats are allowed to change course if they do not interfere with other boats.
  • The boats compete together in a number of different qualifiers, depending on the number of teams participating in the race, the winners of the race advance to the semi-finals, and the losing teams in the first round of the qualifiers race again to get a place in the semi-finals.
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to three players who are considered the best in the final regatta.
  • On the sides of the boat are metal rails on which the oars are based.
  • The rider sits on a chair in the canoe, moves forward and backward by rims, and his feet are fixed by a ligament handle showing the direction of the wind.
  • The types of boats used in boating are small boats such as kayaks, canoes, and others.
  • Boating races are set up in an artificial or natural lake or river that is wide so that the water is static, protected from the presence of wind, and air as much as possible.

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Types of boats used in racing


And kayak

They are considered small boats, going by pushing a dual paddle into the water.

Flat canoes

She walks by a pole carried in the hands, pushing the river bed.

Motorized boats

It is one of the longest boats, ranging in length from 3 meters to 35 meters, and walk in the water through internal engines or outboard engines, called the yacht.


Designed to be elevated above the water upwards by trusses such as flanks, these boats have a great ability to walk very quickly, so this boat is called as the ship's plane.

Sailing boats

It is considered a long canoe, and starts from 3 meters in length, up to 35 meters, and is driven by sails, not motorized engines.

Rowing boat

It is considered small boats length of 1.8 meters, up to 5.5 meters, and is driven by ordinary oars located on the sides of the boat.

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Where and when did you start boating?

Boating was used for transport in Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Rome, and in the seventeenth century England used it as a sport, and set up the first club in 1775 in England.

At the beginning of the appearance of the boats took a simple form, and primitive where boats were made from some of the parts found in the trunk of the tree, which is characterized by large, large size after burning, and scraped it into a small hollow boat from the inside was called the name.

But after World War II, its shape, technology, means of operation, and other techniques were developed, and then the boats evolved into pure wood made of aluminum or glass fibers to help save time, the effort that was used to care, and the care of wood in ways and means. .

In the early 18th century a boating race was held at the University of Oxford, which opened in 1828, and then spreading boating in Europe, in the nineteenth century was transferred boating to America, and in the United States held the first group race Boating in 1852, in ancient times boating was used in trade and wars, and now it was used as a sport, and in 1900 AD was included in the Olympic Games, and in 1976 was held the first races for women.

Safety rules during boating

  • The number of passengers must not exceed the capacity of the boat so as not to overturn the boat.
  • Each soft boat or left side of the boat should overtake when the front of two boats approach each other.
  • If the two boats approach each other, but at right angles, the better positioned boat should stay steady in speed, and walk, and the other boat turns to the right, passing behind the first fixed boat.
  • If a boat wants to overtake another boat from the starboard, it should give a signal by one beep from its own trumpet, but if it wants to overtake the other boat from the facilitator, it will signal two whistles of the trumpet.
  • People on the boat should have knowledge of swimming, and if they do not know, a life jacket should be worn.

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This was a snapshot of where and when you started boating, where you can learn about boating, its history and what its safety rules are.


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