What's the secret of black circles in the runway?

According to recent research, aircraft deterrent systems do not prevent any bird from colliding with the aircraft, despite its progress and success in preventing many weather disasters such as the risk of lightning strikes and so on. But a new way scientists work on their experience may be the last solution to get rid of the risk of bird collisions by visual illusion!


Apply visual illusion in the landing strip to prevent this disaster!

Although the size of the bird is small compared to the size of the plane, but the collision of birds with aircraft may have serious effects and catastrophic consequences. Birds often collide with the cockpit or engine windows, forcing the pilot to land at the nearest airport to assess damage.


As deterrent aircraft systems do not prevent this collision, experts from the French National Center for Scientific Research and the University of Rennes in France have been testing a new type of visual illusion that could save the aircraft from the risk of colliding with birds by keeping it off course, .


The tests revealed that a pattern of white background and black circles in the center may be the most effective solution to get rid of the problem. According to scientists, this visual illusion pattern gives an effect known as the "looming effect", which makes birds think they are about to collide with something and change their course or slow their movement.


The experiment was tested in practice at the Lord-Trevis-Pyrenees Airport, which is located on a hunting ground. Two LED screens were placed around the corridors to display the pattern throughout the day. It was noted that the birds avoided traffic over the airport when they saw the screen. Instead, the birds turned to places where the screens were invisible.

Most importantly, the birds did not adapt to the screens and even continued to avoid them despite displaying the pattern for more than five consecutive weeks.

Experts believe the technology is promising to be used at airports to reduce future bird flu disasters.


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