What the cost of tourist travel to the city of Mykonos

What the cost of tourist travel to the city of Mykonos what the cost of tourist travel to the city of mykonos

What the cost of tourist travel to the city of Mykonos, Greece is a country with a large number of islands, where there are 2000 islands, and the number of islands that are inhabited are 170 islands, including the island of Mykonos, which is known as a tourist island of millions of tourists annually, and the island of Mykonos about Athens about 176 kilometers, you can know More about What the cost of tourist travel to the city of Mykonos Through the site Cultural information.

Information on the tourist city of Mykonos

  • The city of Mykonos is one of the tourist sites located on the Greek lands and is located on the northern side of the island of Cyclad.
  • Ibiza is known as Greece, known for its nightlife, and its magnificent beaches, which enjoy pure water, so it is suitable for all ages, especially young people who want night entertainment.
  • The island enjoys a sunset in small Venice, the capital of the island of Mykonos, which houses real-life houses and is close to the sea.
  • And many of the restaurants of Mykonos Island are open for dinner with sunset, and Mykonos Island has the best climate in the world. The best time to visit Mykonos is July and August, because the temperature is nice and there are parties The beach, which is only held in these months.
  • The island of Mykonos in February and March rain, but the winter temperature is moderate, and to go to the island of Mykonos you can go to the capital Athens Greece, and go from Athens airport to the island.

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How to Travel to Mykonos Island

You can travel to Mykonos Island by plane, where Mykonos Island has a local airport located 4 kilometers from the main city which receives many international flights. This airport connects the island with many Greek cities including Athens and Thessaloniki. The island tourists are from June to August and can access the island using ferries, vats.

How to navigate the Mykonos Island

Mykonos can be navigated by taxi, but there are only a few on the island or using the buses that are considered the best transport on Mykonos Island. There are two main bus stops on the island, Fabrica Square Station, located in the southern part of the island.

Buses are headed to Baltaslos, Paradis Beach in the south, the second station to the north of the island, buses to Agios, Stefanos and Torlos. The boat can be used to travel on Mykonos Island.

This method is preferred in the summer. The fishing boats are used for transporting passengers. The main station of the boats is Baltsilos or cars, steam can be used in local traffic within the city, and the discovery of the city's landmarks.

Features of Mykonos Island

  • The city is characterized by its narrow streets filled with purple hellish plants, and the city is one of the largest shopping cities with international brands, including Chanel, Sefora and Valentino.
  • Mykonos has its spectacular beachside parties, including beaches that offer youth parties, and do not force these beaches to wear bikinis. It is optional, and you can go to some of the low cost beaches and be a better option for those who like to relax and relax. Until 4 pm, and then the parties are held.
  • It operates its own bar, can tour to explore the island using car or motorbikes, stroll through the island's streets, visit churches in Mykonos, and visit Manar Armenistis.
  • The island's beautiful monuments can be captured, and Greek cuisine, Greek sea-food restaurants, and sea-view restaurants can be enjoyed. A tour of Greece's white windmills is on the hill overlooking the city. Lesser Venice area.

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The cost of tourist travel to the city of Mykonos

  • Greece is one of the cheapest countries in Europe with a low cost of tourism. Mykonos Island has scenic landscapes that suit all categories because it needs a lot of money.
  • The cheapest flight to Greece is from September to October, due to the low number of tourism in this period, as well as the prices of accommodation, transportation and other services are at lower prices. The tourist season for Greece is from May to August the country's climate is better, There will be a lot of partying, but prices will be doubled.
  • The average fare for most airlines is approximately US $ 550.
  • The price of the ticket from Cairo to Athens is US $ 143.48. From September to October, you can get a visa at a low price. The visa is valid for 6 months. All you need for a visa is not the price.
  • The visa fees from Cairo are 2500 Egyptian pounds, equivalent to 140.83 dollars, a passport with a recent picture, a bank account of about 25000 Egyptian pounds and more, hotel reservation and flight ticket.

Mykonos Island hotels

The island of Mykonos is one of the best tourist islands in Greece, so there are many hotels, and the best hotels in Greece Mykonos:

  • Hotel Bohemia

The hotel enjoys views of the Aegean Sea and is 300 meters from the town, and it is close to the ancient Mykonos harbor, and the airport is about 2 km away.

  • Mikonian Embassy Hotel & Spa

The hotel is close to the main city of Mykonos, only a few minutes' drive away, and the hotel overlooks Platys Yalos beach. The hotel is 2.5 km from Mykonos Airport.

  • Rockabella Mykonos Art Hotel & Spa

Close to Agios Stefanos sandy beach, the hotel is close to the town of Mykonos, a 10-minute drive away, and the hotel enjoys a sea view.

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This was an overview What the cost of tourist travel to the city of Mykonos, Where you can enjoy the best and most charming place, where you can spend a special holiday in the city of Mykonos.


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