What is the mysterious white light on Mars?

NASA's Kyurusity probe, which has been studying the surface of the Red Planet since 2012, captured a mysterious bright glow at the foot of the remote Mars Hill.

The picture shows black and white desert landscape with high rocky hills in the background, and in front of the larger rock formations, the anomaly observed for about a minute appears.

What is the mysterious white light on Mars? what is the mysterious white light on mars?

NASA has acknowledged similar phenomena in the past in the images taken by the probe since Kyorienti spotted mysterious lighting on the planet in 2014.

The new photograph was taken on June 16, a NASA spokesman said in a statement: "One possibility is that the light will shine from a rocky surface reflecting the sun," meaning that when the picture was taken, the sun was in the same direction as the bright spot.

The spokesman for NASA said that the team of scientists in the program "Kioriusity" is looking at the possibility that "bright spots caused by the cosmic rays that collide with the camera detector."

The appearance and disappearance of the luminous white dot appeared to be rapid. Although NASA provided explanations that might seem reasonable to astronomers and whims, it was not enough to convince skeptics who say this anomaly provides evidence of space objects.

"In the thousands of photos we received from Kyorienti, we see images and bright spots almost every week," said Justin Mackey, the team leader who built and runs the Curiosity's navcams. "It could be because of cosmic rays or glittering sunlight Rock surfaces, as the most likely interpretations. "

Cosmic rays are formed by highly charged atomic particles, which often come from outside our solar system, travel through space at almost the speed of light, and can produce visual effects, which are more common on Mars than Earth because of the thin atmosphere of the red planet, which does not provide an effective barrier For cosmic radiation.

The Kiorosity probe landed on Mars in 2012, with 17 cameras, and has since circled the planet, allowing it to send massive amounts of data and photographs to Earth, including many of the images taken by anomalous lights.

Source: Daily Mail

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