What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Ethernet, whichever is better, and when to use each

At present, everyone is using Wi-Fi networks in his home, which allows him to connect all his devices to the Internet wirelessly instead of the old methods, which rely only on the RJ45 cables, which was considered an obstacle for some where he could only surf the Internet on a computer and there is no Another possibility is to connect other devices to this network so some may think that Wi-Fi is a much better technology than Ethernet, which depends only on the connection of devices with the Internet distributor in a wired way, and not vice versa.

But in fact, when we talk about Internet speed, there is no big difference between Wi-Fi and Ethernet, because the same Internet resources can be reached using fiber optic cables, but Wi-Fi is available in all kinds of electronic devices. Often found only in computers, which can be known via the presence of RJ45 ports, so many people ask about the difference between these two, despite the availability of the same features.
All the above, it can be said that Ethernet technology protects the user significantly compared to Wi-Fi technology, which may enable many hackers to penetrate the points of Wi-Fi and spy on users and then penetrate their data, but when you use the Ethernet you are fully protected It is difficult to spy on or leak your data because you are connected to a key point using the RJ-45 and not a wireless network.
Among the most widely used areas of Ethernet, we find factories that rely on programmable logic control, which is a digital computer that accomplishes a range of sensitive and confidential tasks that should not be viewed.

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