What causes delayed pregnancy at the beginning of marriage

Causes of late pregnancy What causes delayed pregnancy at the beginning of marriage

Delay may occur in the first period of marriage and couples begin to worry and whether there is a problem or not, but must give some advice that both spouses must keep to be their guide at the beginning of their marriage to find out the incorrect things in the late pregnancy and to know the reasons that may be Basic contraceptives and should be addressed immediately without delay from the husband or wife, we will talk in the subject of today about how long to be concerned about the delay of pregnancy, is delayed pregnancy after marriage is normal, we will explain in detail about the causes of delayed pregnancy and all questions and we hope Benefit for all.

Normal duration of pregnancy after marriage

  • Each person may be different, but there is no specific time or time to say that the couple has a problem with pregnancy.
  • The husband and wife must be patient at the beginning of the marriage because it is natural that intimacy does not work from the first time and the egg is not fertilized every time the intimacy is completed.
  • It is necessary to be patient and choose the days of ovulation in which the proportion of the testicular ethnic high fertilization is contained in this period, has been conducted many studies on women who have practiced intimacy in the days of ovulation was fertilized the egg and the back of pregnancy.
  • The duration of post-marriage waiting for pregnancy may vary from person to person, where the anxiety begins after three months of pregnancy, but there is nothing worrying, perhaps every time there is no organic problem in men or women, but does not occur fertilization, and this does not need to Human intervention It is a natural means exist in the creation of man and God Almighty is able to give to man.
  • Do not worry in the first period of marriage so that both spouses do not feel uncomfortable and excessive tension, causing an inappropriate atmosphere psychological and physical.

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What tips first months of marriage to the occurrence of pregnancy?

  • The wife has to calculate her own ovulation days, so that these days are identified and chosen specifically to practice intimacy.
  • Choose consecutive ovulation days to exercise intimacy to accelerate the incidence of pregnancy.
  • Choose sexual positions that lead to a rapid pregnancy.
  • It is possible to increase the practice of intimacy two days before the days of ovulation, where the eggs are very active, preparing to receive sperm and kept in the womb.
  • After completing the intimacy, the wife must lie down for at least a quarter of an hour until the sperm remains inside the uterus.
  • After the days of ovulation, bring a pregnancy test to check whether there is a pregnancy. If the result is positive, it means that there is a pregnancy. If negative results indicate that there is no pregnancy, you can try these days again for the incidence of pregnancy.

The causes of delayed pregnancy are normal

  • Sexual positions are chosen that do not assist in the process of fertilization properly.
  • Intimacy is not practiced on the specific and appropriate days of ovulation in which the wife has been previously.
  • Excess weight for women or men may delay pregnancy by 80%.

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Pathological reasons in men prevent pregnancy

  • Poor sperm movement and poor production.
  • Smoking may prevent pregnancy due to unhealthy substances it contains.
  • Some congenital abnormalities found in men in the urethra can prevent the arrival of sperm into the vagina of the woman, causing difficulty in the occurrence of pregnancy or lack of pregnancy from the origin.
  • Many men may develop premature ejaculation and this condition may make it harder to conceive.
  • Some stress and unbalance of the mental state in men can affect the negative impact on the incidence of pregnancy, it can because of constant tension and psychological instability will not reduce the number of sperm, which prevents the occurrence of pregnancy.
  • Some of the causes of contraception may be some sick men who suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease and diabetes, it may be difficult for them to complete a sexual relationship properly and this may lead to delayed or non-occurrence of pregnancy.
  • The man may have varicocele.

Pathological causes in women prevent pregnancy

  • Some congenital abnormalities in the vagina may prevent pregnancy.
  • The ovary is unable to sustain ovulation properly.
  • Injury to the lining of migratory stoning and this case may be among the cases that are difficult to treat, although there are some treatment methods for this case at the present time, but treatment is difficult and uncertain.
  • Being overweight may cause too much fat to accumulate in your ovaries and prevent pregnancy.
  • Chronic milk hormone production can disrupt egg fertilization and delay pregnancy until treatment is complete.
  • There may be a large blockage in the fallopian tube and cause this blockage in the absence of pregnancy.
  • The presence of some tumors or PCOS is a strong contraceptive.
    Frequent smoking of women may lead to infertility forever.

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We came to the end of our topic today and there were many reasons that may be contraindicated to the occurrence of pregnancy, and we put some tips that the couple should take these tips into account in order for pregnancy to occur quickly.


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