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what are you waiting for ! A new application pays you generously for sports in front of your phone camera as if it were a real coach

You probably heard someone say to someone else "you will not practice even if you pay." Now is the time to check whether this expression can be a fact.
If you are looking forward to starting a good faith practice year and receiving something of money in return you may want to try Lympo Squat application which is an application for Android and iOS through which you can earn cryptocurrencies by squatting.

Yes, a new fitness application comes to try to get us to do more exercise. This time Lympo uses the front camera of our smartphone to detect each time we complete the squat.
With each squat we will get the codes of LYM, an encrypted currency at the time of writing this article has a market share exceeding $ 5,500 million.
Thanks to artificial intelligence and front camera Limpo Squat can analyze our movements and give feedback from our training in real time.
Each user will be able to participate in up to six daily challenges, giving us 3 LYM each time we successfully challenge. In addition, in Squat Lympo, they offer a series of extra rewards if we complete a certain series of challenges.
Another point to consider is that we will store 1000 LYM to send codes to another wallet. Currently 1 LYM is equal to $ 0.0078, so the LYM 1000 is worth $ 8.
The app created a virtual trainer to guide us through training. Ironically, a virtual entity might get tired in the game and we would have to wait 10 minutes before returning to try the challenge.

In addition to storing the tokens of this currency attached in the portfolios for withdrawal as money, users of this application can replace their LYMs by buying sports goods on this site: Application Link:ANDROID And IOS

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