What are the features of the Aurora system that Huawei aspires to own?

What are the features of the Aurora system that Huawei aspires to own?

Huawei is currently negotiating with Russia for Aurora systems in its phones to find an alternative to Android, which will be deprived of it by US sanctions.

Through its system, Huawei hopes to safely allow its users to access the Internet in the future. Aurora is a sophisticated Sailfish operating system based on Linux systems, which are known to be among the lowest operating systems for hacked computers.

The system is expected to allow Huawei phones to deal with various kinds of electronic devices and laptops, especially since it was developed from the beginning to work with Asus Eee PC computers, and received many updates to comply with various types of computers in the market, and that Sailfish has existing versions capable of handling many smart phone models.

The most important advantage of this system for Huawei is that it will save it from the pressure exerted on it by the United States and its companies, such as "Google" and "Facebook" and others, after most of the companies decided to boycott and deny the software.

The Russian Minister of Digitalization and Communication, Konstantin Nuskov, discussed with Huawei's executive director Gu Ping the possibility of Chinese smart phones moving to the Russian operating system.

Huawei and Russia's MTS recently signed a partnership agreement to develop and launch the fifth generation of the 5G network in Russia at a ceremony attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and a number of Russian and Chinese personalities.

Source: Agencies

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