What are the benefits of the option?

What are the benefits of the option?

The cucumber plant, in its simplicity and abundance, helps to strengthen the body's cells and improve the various processes in the digestive system.

Source of vitamins– The body loses in summer many useful substances, such as vitamins A, B and C, which enhance the immune system and protect from fatigue, and the option is characterized by its ability to compensate these materials for the body. The cucumber can be increased effectively by blending juice with spinach juice and carrots.

Improves brain function– An important source option for obtaining antioxidant flavonyl compounds, compounds that improve nerve impulses as well as the quality of mutual nerve signals between brain cells.

Relieves reaction to stress– The option contains a high proportion of the group of vitamin В (vitamin B1, vitamin B5 and vitamin B7), which reduces anxiety and the consequences of stress.

Digestion Process– The option improves digestion in the body, because it contains two important elements of digestion, namely water and dietary fiber.

Maintains heart function– The option contains potassium, which improves the regulation of blood pressure level, which is also responsible for the transfer of nerve impulses, which reduce the heart muscle and affect the function of the heart.

Source: Medicom Forum

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