What a mascarpone cheese

The cheese is one of the most important types of cheese spread in Italy and fresh, which is completely free of fatty substances and cream and is characterized by cohesion and softness, which is extracted from the cow after the disposal of whey and color tends to white What are the cheese Almancrkbron This is what we will know in our subject Next follow us that article.

Cheese Mascarpone

  • It is a kind of cheese that is characterized by mediating in softness and fat and it is found in large shops and large and preferably when purchased after confirming the date of validity, which is the validity period for that kind of cheese is about two months only.
  • This type of cheese should be kept in the refrigerator and placed in a tightly sealed container so that it does not enter the air. It is possible that the cheese can be kept in the freezer for three months without losing any of its benefits and nutrients. Or to his lyon.
  • This type of cheese is used in sweets rather than using animal butter or parmesan cheese. The cheese is used in the following desserts, trafaline, cheesecake and tarmeso, and is used in some other dishes such as lasagna, pasta and some pasta.
  • Is a very popular type in the Arab and European countries where it is used in some types of soups in order to increase its density and strength, is a kind of cheese that has a wonderful taste loved by people and children in particular, especially with breakfast, vegetables and toast.

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Benefits of mascarpone cheese

  • The mascarpone cheese stimulates muscle growth with increased cell function.
  • The mascarpone cheese eliminates osteoporosis, especially in older people.
  • Mascarpone cheese helps to form antibodies to keep the stomach from getting sore.
  • The mascarpone cheese provides the body with energy.
  • Mascarpone is a rich source of calcium and vitamins. The most important of these vitamins is vitamin C in particular, which increases the resistance of the gums to diseases and various infections.
  • The mascarpone is rich in various minerals, the most important of which are potassium and calcium, both of which work to protect the bones and increase their growth while protecting the teeth from decay and increase the layer of protection in the teeth.
  • The mascarpone cheese contains a large and high proportion of proteins that increase the body's immunity while also strengthening it.

Nutrient value in mascarpone cheese

  • Two tablespoons of mascarpone cheese provide about 10 milligrams of sodium.
  • Two tablespoons of mascarpone provide about 4% of the body's daily calcium needs, protecting the bones from fragility and strengthening it.
  • Two large tablespoons of mascarpone contain vitamin A, the vitamin responsible for eye health while protecting the lens from opacity.
  • Two tablespoons of mascarpone contain 40 milligrams of sodium, which the body needs daily from sodium.
  • The mascarpone contains about two-thirds of the saturated fat, which helps significantly increase fat and cholesterol and thus is a problem that cause a range of diseases, which is the heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  • There is a similarity between the species of mascarpone cheese, which is located in Australia and is known for its ivory color, which is prepared largely through lemon juice and vinegar with cow's milk. These cheese is served with fresh fruits. There is another type of mascarpone cheese called torta With the layers of pine and basil, which are creamy and creamy and soft in texture.

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How to prepare mascarpone cheese

The cream is placed in a special container for heating, mixing a small amount of Tartaric acid into the water and then adding the hot cream, leaving the mixture on the fire for five minutes. Then it is placed in a piece of cloth until it is filtered and then left. So cool for about eight to twelve hours.

After that, the carbon cheeses are obtained and then transferred to a plastic container that is tightly sealed and can be stored in the refrigerator for a good period of about a week.

Relationship between mascarpone cheese and pregnant women

There are many types of cheese which have a great factor in causing harm to pregnant women but we can say that mascarpone cheese is one of the safe cheeses for the health of pregnant women, as this kind of cheese is from pasteurized cheese and pasteurization that has a great role in destroying bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli, especially when the temperature rises and it works to moderate the taste of cheese and smells also.

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In the end, we have provided you with everything related to the Italian cheese and its range of information so please take advantage of this subject and wait for your comments and opinions on that article and leave your comments in the comments below.


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