West Ham coach: We did not give Arsenal any chance in the game

Manuel Pellegrini

West Ham coach Manuel Pellegrini said he was happy to see Arsenal move to the English Premier League on Saturday.

West Ham won a non-reply, in his stronghold, in the 22nd round of the tournament.

"I am happy with that result, happy with the balance we have achieved today, we did not allow Arsenal any chances despite the quality of their players, we played with the mentality of a big team," he said in remarks published by the BBC.

"We played the way we really wanted, Declan improved every game, I decided to put him in midfield, he plays the ball in that center more, he is a good player, he is a full player, I think he will be a great player in the future" .

"I think Samir Nasri could have gone on, but I did not want to risk his muscle injury. If he wants to be the player he was a few years ago, I think he can do it."

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