WattsUp update prevents Android users from making an embarrassing mistake

wattsup update prevents android users from making an embarrassing mistake

Watts AG is updating its version of Android, which prevents users from making an embarrassing mistake.

At the moment, when you send an image to a contact on WattsUp, a small icon at the top of the screen displays the contact's profile image.

This code is too small, so the new update will allow you to see the full name of the person you want to send the photo to, which can save the user a lot of embarrassment because of the images being sent to the wrong person.

The new update that WattsUp will show will test the name of the intended recipient as well as their profile picture, so you can be absolutely sure that you sent the content to the correct contact before you pressed the submit button.

Although the update includes only Android users, iPhone users should not be concerned because the recipient's name already appears at the bottom of the screen in iOS.

Therefore, the company is working through this update to make the version of "Android" compatible with the version of iOS.

This new feature was first discovered by WABetaInfo, and it is not clear when this update will be officially released.

Source: The Sun

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