Warning that iPhone phones need to be updated to protect them from glare!

Warning that iPhone phones need to be updated to protect them from glare!

Internet experts have warned iPhone users that their phones should be updated (if they have not done so for a while), with revealing details about a malfunctioning phone.

Fortunately, Apple has released a fix for this flaw in the form of an update to iOS, but the fact of its existence has not been revealed so far by a security team that detects flaws and vulnerabilities called "Google Project Zero."

The flaw in the form of a specific type of malformed malware, which can be sent to the user's device "victim", according to Apple Insider.

The distorted text message has the incorrect amount of encoding, which impedes the loading of the message so the process is idle and reloaded until the phone is destroyed.

This process depletes the phone's power, which means that its operation stops and is almost impossible to repair.

Typically, Project Zero does not detect information about the types of bugs up to 90 days after they expire or when the repair is sent.

Apple was able to fix this flaw by updating iPhone 12.3 on May 13 this year, so any user who updates his phone regularly will be safe.

Source: The Sun

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