Warning: Daily cup of fruit juice increases the risk of cancer!

Warning: Daily cup of fruit juice increases the risk of cancer!

A study conducted by the Sorbonne University in Paris in collaboration with the French Agency for Public Health suggests that drinking one cup of fruit juice or daily tea increases the risk of cancer.

Doctors said the study, which tracked more than 100,000 people in France (aged 42 on average), sheds greater light on this problem for strong government action to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks.

The study followed participants for an average of 5 years, evaluating more than 3,000 different food and drink items at the beginning of the study and every 6 months, with at least 24 people completing 24-hour dietary surveys.

The researchers found that the consumption of 100 ml of pure fruit juice (natural) daily – whether fresh or sold in a bottle, increases the risk of cancer by 12%. Drinking the same amount of sweetened soft drinks increases the risk of cancer by 19%.

The results revealed that 22 individuals per 1,000 participants had some form of cancer.

"These data support the importance of current dietary recommendations to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages, including fruit juice, as well as political measures such as taxing and marketing restrictions on sugary drinks, which may contribute to reducing cancer," the authors wrote in the British Medical Journal.

In this regard, experts criticized the marketing of fruit juice worldwide as a "healthy" product, warning that these beverages are rich in sugar.

Professor Nicolai Petrovsky of Flinders University in Australia said: "People are still deceived into believing that the natural drink is" automatically "the health option, and the juices of sugar-rich natural fruits can be as bad as (if not more) .

Obesity is a known cause of 13 different cancers, but the new study found that thin people are at increased risk if they drink sugary drinks or fruit juice.

"Weight gain" may not be the sole driver of the relationship between sugary drinks and the risk of cancer, "the research team said.

They pointed to other research that sugary drinks promote the accumulation of fat around the abdomen, even if the individual has a healthy weight, which in turn stimulates the growth of tumors.

Despite the results, scientists assume that there is a real causal relationship between sweetened drinks and cancer growth, which requires further research.

Source: Daily Mail

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