Volkswagen offers 30 new SUV models in 2025

The Arabs Today - Volkswagen offers 30 new SUV models in 2025

Company Disclosures Volkswagen Has announced that it is in the process of introducing about 30 new models of SUVs. By 2025, it is expected that half of the world's Volkswagen vehicles will be compact sports models.

This comes as Germany's largest automaker continues to emphasize that it is developing new technologies in the electric car industry. Volkswagen's chairman, Jurgen Stakman, explained that expansion plans for the production of SUVs are one of its goals. Increase the company's profits to spend on electric cars and self-driving projects.

Stackman adds that Sports cars And Volkswagen has decided to take advantage of more sports models that will be a major contributor to the promotion of the ultimate goal of clean, self-driving vehicles.

According to the Automotive Autblog site, currently one out of every five new Volkswagen brand cars is a four-wheel drive. The German company expects sales of SUVs to grow, especially in North and South America as well as China.

Volkswagen is not the only one to follow this policy. Many of the world's leading car companies are directing a large part of their investments to the production of merging vehicles, the most prominent of which are Ford, Renault, Hyundai, and BMW.


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