Volkswagen announces its plan to introduce 30 new SUV models

- Volkswagen announces its plan to introduce 30 new SUV models

The company "Volkswagen"German automaker hopes to make the most of the multi-purpose sports car sales, by expanding in the coming years.

"The company aims to deliver more than 30 models of larger passenger cars by 2025, compared to 11 models now," said Juergen Stakman, marketing officer at the company's headquarters in Folsburg. By the same year, SUVs are expected to make up half of the cars sold.

Sales are also expected to be electric cars, with the automotive industry as a whole undergoing a major shift Electric cars, Related to electronic networks, and self-leadership.

"Multipurpose sports cars are a growing segment of the market and have strong growth in all regions," said Stakman.

The boom in these vehicles is expected to help the company adjust to incremental costs over the coming years. The company is investing about 34 billion euros ($ 39 billion) in the development of future cars, but it still has to bear the consequences of the diesel vehicle emissions scandal. So far, the bill for manipulating the results of the emission tests has reached about 27 billion euros.


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