Videos «Instagram» became vertical

Q: What is the difference between publishing a video on Instagram or IGTV?
A platform that has been launched in 2010 as an application to deploy square images captured by smart phones, the platform has announced its support for 15-second videos in 2013. Today, the platform allows users to post up to 60 seconds of videos in a horizontal position.

A new application
Earlier this summer, the platform unveiled its new independent application, IGTV, for publishing longer videos. But IGTV videos have their own terms (users of the traditional application can see IGTV content by clicking the TV icon on the top right of the screen).
IGTV video clips range from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, with a file size of up to 650 MB. In contrast, licensed, large or professional account holders can use Instagram to publish videos up to 60 minutes in length and 3.6 GB in size.
This application forces the sections to be published as "MP4", and the longer, larger clips are loaded from a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet. The application also requires videos to be published in vertical format, which means that you must carry the phone up to take videos. Vertical sections must have a 9: 9 aspect ratio and a minimum width of 720p. , Frame rate below 30 frames per second; you can modify these preferences (conditions) in camera application settings in your phone.
You can also upload the vertical video through the traditional Instagram application or the independent IGTV application for Android and iOS, but first you need to open your own channel on IGTV for this purpose. Click the IGTV icon at the top of the Instagram application (or just open the IGTV application). Click the gear icon for the settings and select «Open channel». You can also open a channel and upload the videos from your personal profile page on the "Instagram" website.

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