Video .. Suarez demands a penalty kick strange in "Cuba America"

video .. suarez demands a penalty kick strange in "cuba america"

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez raised a new controversy during his 1-0 win over Chile at the Copa America on Monday after calling for a penalty from a Chilean handball inside the area.

During an attack on Uruguay, Suarez ran inside the area and Paraguay goalkeeper Gabriel Arias was relegated, but the goalkeeper returned to turn the attacker's shot into a corner.

Suarez then demanded a penalty by pointing to a touch of the hand, as if he did not realize for a moment that the goalkeeper could touch the ball with his hand inside the area.

Suarez realized the mistake quickly and stopped the protest and put his hand on his head to console himself for wasting the easy opportunity.

It was not the only scene in which Suarez raised the controversy again after the referee called for the dismissal of Gonzalo Chara, the Chilean defender, after the opponent intervened to shoot down a fan.

Sweden's Edsine Cavani scored the only goal of the game with a header to lead Uruguay, who won the title 15 times, the third set at the expense of Chile and become a date for Peru in the quarter-finals.

This comes five years after the injury of Suarez to Italy's Giorgio Cielini in the 2014 World Cup and was suspended for four months.

Source: Reuters

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