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Dalma Sailing Festival in the United Arab Emirates + Celebration of the Day of the Lemurus in Bali, and more events of the day 27 October 2018 ..

World photos

China, hot air balloons lit during the display of light balloons in the city of "Xing Yi" in Guizhou Province of China.

World photos

England, a gorilla stands beside fruits that are nestled in the hall of the London Zoo.

World photos

United Arab Emirates, UAE marathoners sail their canoes while participating in the Dalma Sailing Festival, off the coast of Dalma island in the Persian Gulf.

World photos

Norway, a surfer riding a wave in the nearest area of ​​the Arctic Circle in northern Norway.

World photos

Turkey, snow-capped dogs at Oludag Mountain in Bursa.

World photos

Lebanon, storms hit the breaking barrier wave on the shores of Al Manara walkway in the capital Beirut, coinciding with the low air that affected the region.

World photos

Mexico, a Honduran immigrant girl bathe in river water with others from a convoy of Central American migrants on their way to the United States of America in Bijyapan.

World photos

China, people working in seaweed growing base, in Fujian province of China.

World photos

Indonesia, a small limor animal standing at a table with various fruit varieties in the Bali Zoo to celebrate the Day of the Lemur, on the island of Bali.

World photos

Greece, a child standing next to a ground crack at the dock on the Greek island of Zakynthos after the island was hit by an earthquake nearby.

World photos

China, a girl taking Silphy's picture in front of bookshelves on the opening day of Snail in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


we choose for you..

Video: Forest breathes like an organism in Canada!

One of the suitors picked up a unique look, showing the land of the jungle breathing like an animal, like a scene from a science fiction film!

In the social media video, filmed in a Canadian forest, trees appear as they sway, as the forest floor rises and falls as if breathing.

The researchers say there is a logical explanation for this phenomenon. This happens because of the nature of the weather in the region. During the storms the earth becomes saturated with water, which weakens the solid state of the soil and when the strong winds move the upper part of the tree, And down.


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