Use "Trojans" to cope with deadly diseases

Use a Trojans to counter deadly diseases

Researchers have developed a powerful "Trojan horse" that can fool superhuman bacteria by binding itself to the iron molecules that bacteria need to live and grow.

Once the drug called cefiderocol enters the bacterial cell, it can destroy it from the inside, according to researchers from Shionogi, New Jersey, in a prestigious medical journal.

"Cefiderocol acts as a Trojan horse and uses a new mechanism to enter the cell, by taking advantage of the bacteria's need for iron to survive," said Dr. Simon Portsmouth, head of the Lancet study group, who writes: "During acute infection, one of our innate immune responses In a response, bacteria increase iron consumption. "

"Cefiderocol binds iron and travels through the excess outer membrane through the iron transport system of the bacteria, so that the iron channels enable the drug to bypass the channels of bacteria even if the flow pumps are developed."

Experiments were conducted on 452 hospital patients with acute infections over two weeks.
Two-thirds of patients took the drug developed 3 times a day, while others received another antibiotic called imipenem-cilastatin. The new treatment had the same powerful antibiotic efficacy.

Antibiotic resistance is seen as the biggest threat to modern medicine, with warnings that drug-resistant infections will kill more people with cancer and diabetes by the middle of the century.

The excessive use of antibiotics has seen the development of bacteria to counter conventional drugs, leading to the loss of much of its strength against infection.

More research is now needed to test the drug against the most virulent bacteria resistant to antibiotics.


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