US police storm Venezuelan embassy in Washington

US police storm Venezuelan embassy in Washington

US police stormed the Venezuelan embassy in Washington on Thursday to arrest activists loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who tried to stop the authorities from taking control of the building.

"Police are storming the embassy to arrest the embassy protection group," said the activist from CODEPINK, a human rights group and a participant in the building protection campaign, Benjamin Medea.

"The police arrested the four remaining people of the Venezuelan embassy as part of the embassy protection group," she said, saying the measure was "an absolute violation of the Vienna Convention and a disgrace."

The organization's other activist, Ariel Gold, confirmed the storming of the embassy, ​​accusing the United States of violating international law and illegally arresting activists.

A group of US human rights activists have been in the embassy since April 24 at the invitation of Venezuelan diplomats to prevent the United States and Venezuelan opposition from taking control of the building.

Venezuelan diplomats were forced to leave the embassy, ​​located in the upscale Georgetown area of ​​Washington, in late April at the request of the US State Department, which assured them that the United States did not recognize Maduro as President of Venezuela.

Against the background of the "Embassy Protection Campaign", the US authorities stopped supplying water and electricity to the building. The Venezuelan president thanked the American activists and expressed his "deep admiration" for their protection of the diplomatic headquarters.

Source: RT + Agencies

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