US police kill young man shot at federal court

US police kill young man shot at federal court

US police announced they had killed a 22-year-old boy after shooting at a federal court building in Dallas, Texas, without causing injuries.

Local media reported a young white man who said he was named Brian Clyde, shooting from a machine gun at the entrance to the courthouse, before the police responded with similar shots.

It appeared that the gunman was shot by police and turned away, but they continued to shoot him. Only moments later he fell to a ground near a car and was taken to a hospital in the city where he died.

According to a local journalist, the bomber appeared wearing a paramilitary uniform, a bullet-proof vest and a piece of ammunition. He covered his head with a black mask that showed only his glasses and a small part of his face.

Witnesses said they heard between 10 and 15 rounds in a few minutes.

Police said they carried out a "controlled bombing" in the attacker's car near the scene of the shooting.

The target building is home to several local courts and a security service, including the North Texas District Attorney's Office.

According to the federal police, which began investigating the incident, the motive for the attack is still unknown.

The attacker was armed with at least five combs of 30 rounds each.

According to the local press, the attacker served for two years in the wild weapon between 2015 and 2017 and was graduated shortly from a university in the "Corpus Christi" in the south of the state.

Source: Agencies

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