US doctors have trained artificial intelligence to recognize a heart attack

US doctors have trained artificial intelligence to recognize a heart attack

American programming and medical experts invented an algorithm that enables smartphones to monitor the work of a person's heart during sleep.

They call the ambulance if the patient has a heart attack.

The American Digital Medicine magazine revealed the preliminary results of the study in this area.

It is known that heart attacks are one of the most common causes of death in the world and most occur in the absence of the people of the patient.

The study's purpose is to warn of an early heart attack and save the patient's life, said researcher Shyamant Gholakota of the University of Washington.

The researcher pointed out that about half a million people in the United States die during sleep with a heart attack. As for the patient's family, it is not until his death that his heart is stopped.

Goulakota and his colleagues at the University of Washington are working on the ability of smartphones produced by Amazon, Google and Apple to be ready to receive orders from their owners.

Doctors noted that patients began to breathe in a spastic way, especially if the proportion of oxygen in their bodies and brains. In this case, they call a distinctive, identifiable voice.

The scientists examined the ambulance service archive to record the sound patterns of patients with heart attacks and used them to teach artificial intelligence within the smart phone to call for an ambulance in the event of such a rogue or rogue.

Source: Vesti. Ro

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