US astronauts are demanding an acceleration of the huge mission on Mars

- US astronauts are demanding an accelerated mission on Mars

American missile engineers are under great pressure to accomplish their next missionPlanet Mars, NASA scientists told NASA they want to achieve a big dream after making sure that the new robot, scheduled for launch in 2020, will be able to visit as many sites as possible on Mars to increase the chances of discovering the signs of old life on Red Planet.

The British newspaper The Guardian that finding samples of rocks and fossils in the caches of the surface of Mars, and return to the planet, in a complex task, cost more than 10 billion dollars, and for this investment, the scientific community that he wants to get the strongest possible opportunity To find signs of an old life on Mars, and therefore called for the use of the robot probe on the Red Planet to visit as many places as he could collect the rocks, however, the task would destroy the robot where it will work at full capacity.

"The community prefers the huge task," said Bethany Ellman, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology, citing the journal Nature. "If we want a simple return from the planet, it should be a model of epileptic storage."

Matthew Golombek, of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the "NASA"In Pasadena, California:" The planet today has almost no atmosphere, no liquid water, and its surface is emitted with intense radiation. We now believe that the probability of life on its surface is small or probably nonexistent. " Coming from "NASA" to answer the question: Was there life on Mars?

When the planet was more like a planet, these rocks, when formed, preserve the remains of any life that has flourished on the planet's surface before the planet's atmosphere evaporates and its surface water boils.

The mission of the next Mars vehicle, the so-called after, is the drilling of sediments, the collection of samples, and placement in test tubes to be disposed of in caches. The original proposal was to create a single storage cache, but at this month's meeting, Many of them are created.

Three locations close to each other were identified as particularly promising and were selected as the preferred scientists among the meeting in Glendale, California. These places are known on Mars as the Geyserau, Northeast Serets and Medway.

Medway and Gizero are believed to be the most useful, yet the signatories are 17 miles away. NASA's most advanced robot is now called Curiosity, a sister ship to the next spacecraft, and has traveled only 12 miles since landing in 2012 .

By 2026, NASA plans to launch a follow-on mission that will launch a new rocket launcher called Fetch Rover on Mars. Fitch Rover will collect caches and return them to the rocket, which will then detonate the samples in Mars orbit. Meet with an orbital vehicle to carry samples to the ground.


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