Urgent: Chinese army deploys troops on border with Hong Kong

Urgent: Chinese army deploys troops on border with Hong Kong urgent: chinese army deploys troops on border with hong kong

WASHINGTON [Reuters] – US intelligence has told him that China has deployed troops on the Hong Kong border, which has been the scene of widespread protests against a law that demonstrators see as a threat to democracy, US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday.

According to Sky News, protesters on Tuesday disrupted operations at Hong Kong International Airport as riot police intervened and used pepper spray against them after storming the airport.

In a statement, the airport authorities said the protesters blocked the corridors leading to the area intended for passengers only at the airport, which prevented them from accessing the checkpoint.

Protesters also clashed with police who used pepper spray to try to stop crowds from advancing.

Trump said he hoped there would be no deaths in Hong Kong, and told reporters in New Jersey that the situation in Hong Kong, where millions of anti-government activists had left, was "very sensitive.
Videos circulated on social platforms revealed part of China's moves to deal with the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong.
In one section, a long line of armored military vehicles appeared in the southern city of Shenzhen, only 25 kilometers from Hong Kong, which gained independence from Britain in 1996 but is administratively affiliated with China.

The protests erupted after Hong Kong authorities announced they would press ahead with a law allowing deportation of criminals to China, which the street saw as a threat to democracy.

On Monday, Beijing stepped up its rhetoric by saying it saw "signs of terrorism" in the protest movement against its pro-executive Hong Kong self-rule authority since China regained sovereignty in 1997 after 156 years of British rule.

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