Unveiling the long-awaited Nissan Life

Arabs today - the discovery of the car, "Nissan Life" long-awaited

Japanese car maker revealed "AprilHas unveiled its new long-awaited "Life" car, which has a strong boost to its capabilities, from a strong propulsion system and power consumption, which will attract customers to the best-selling electric car in the world. The most popular sports car in the world, however, with advances in technology and top-scale models that emerged from the paper was likely to slip with the highest production model model about 150 miles on a single shipment.However, with advances in technology and top-scale models that came out Her lips were probably T. The company released a model with a maximum range of about 150 miles on a single charge.

Nissan talks about it with the new version of Leaf "3.Zero e +" Which can now travel 239 miles in a single charge, due to a much larger, 62KW battery. Nissan delayed the launch of the new model after the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, the company's chief executive, on charges of reporting financial irregularities and misuse of the company's assets.

The updated model also produces a 160 kW (217 horsepower) torque of 340 Nm, a major development in energy. A limited version of the car will be produced with 5,000 units for Europe and will cost 36,795 pounds. From 9 this month.

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The latest version of the new Leaf is the "3ZERO", which is less exciting than the previous version, offering a 40% less range than the "3.ZERO e +" fiber, equipped with a 40 kWh battery, which is more than 62 miles Of the additional scope for comparative use.

The price of the 3.ZERO starts at a price of £ 31,095, which is available in a range of new colors. Nissan has designed a fiber battery for a 25 per cent increase in the range and a 55 per cent increase in energy storage capacity, but it is the same size as the previous 40 kW package.

The unveiling of the Nissan Lif is long awaited

The most powerful engine allows the car to run at 50 mph to 75 mph, which is 13% faster than the previous generation, and the maximum speed has increased to 97 mph. As with the previous generation of Leif, the new car also comes Pedal "and" ProPILOT ". The proportions and exterior designs are still largely unchanged with a height of only 5 mm for the overall height of the vehicle.

Customers wishing to order any of the models can register their interest online as of June 9, 2019 or visit one of Nissan's retailers in the UK. The first delivery of the 3.ZERO fiber is expected to begin in May 2019, The initial LEVE 3.ZERO e + Limited Edition of the summer of 2019.

The unveiling of the Nissan Lif is long awaited

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