Unique autumn look with Smoky Brown makeup

Al Arab Al-Youm - A distinctive autumn look with the makeup of the eyes of "Smoky Bani"

The stylish and elegant women want to see their beauty in the seasons. By the fall, they must tend to pick warmer colors closer to the colors of nature, including dirt. So we chose to give you the necessary steps to get Smokey eyes makeup built suitable for the fall autumn evening.

What are the steps of applying eye makeup? The Smokey Brown?

– Initially, start applying moisturizing cream to the skin and protective to protect it from damage to make-up, and keep moisturizing. And then put cream foundation for the color of your skin and I want to cover it completely.

– Then use the nose defects color degree open slightly of the color of the foundation cream, and applied in the vicinity of the eyes, mouth and forehead, to hide the defects that may appear on the skin in order to maintain the unity of color.
Then, use the shades of brown and beige to apply the Smoky Eye Makeup, starting with a few dark brown eyes on the outside of the eye, from half to the outside. Then bring the slightly brownish brown eyes and apply a little of it over the first layer of brown, and blend them into the middle.

– Then use the shade of the eyes beige to apply at the top of the upper eyelid near Eyelashes, With a little pulled to the top at the outside of the eye, and slightly incorporated with the other two layers of brown eye shadow.

– At the inner part of the eye, apply a little white or silver eye shadow to give your eyes some glamor and bright and distinctive light, and try to merge it a bit at the center of the eye with the other layers of brown makeup.
– With a black kohl pen, draw a thin line from the upper side of the eyelashes to the upper eyelid, and a little inside the eye when the lower eyelid.

– Then move to the lower eyelid where you use the brown eyes also, to draw the outside of the eyelid under the eyelashes, with the use of white eyes on the inner face just like the upper eyelid, and I hope to meet the shadows of brown eyes outside the eye and pull it up slightly.

– Do not forget to put the black mascara on the lashes, put the brown or bronze plaques on the cheeks, and select the lipstick nudos to get a warm and soft appearance this fall.


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