Umniah tools provide a new generation of adaptive solutions for users

The use of electronic devices has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, with users becoming more dependent on Internet connectivity to connect with others, work with teams around the world, listen to music, watch video shows, and play online games with others. But this increased reliance may put the privacy of users and keep their personal information at risk. Today's digital life has become more than just an Internet-connected device, becoming a whole world no less important than the physical world. Characterized by his digital life, adapted to each member of his family and their environment and behavior.
Kaspersky Lab has developed a state-of-the-art solution that protects the privacy of users across multiple devices and allows them to stay connected regardless of the circumstances, but with their online privacy security, called Kaspersky Security Cloud. Asharq Al-Awsat has tested this solution.

Useful tools
This solution provides a variety of useful tools for the user, including the creation of difficult passwords to penetrate and use to access the various services sites, and identify the attempts to penetrate the user's device while working over public Wi-Fi networks (such as airports, cafes and hotels) Wi-Fi, user-centric Internet control and protection from the many risks, as well as instant security alerts to the user if something unusual is detected on his device and security tips are sent to protect the user's privacy. Tips include changing your password if you visit an unsafe or recently hacked site. These tools can also remove ads that appear as unwanted additional windows, and check the status of various user accounts.
These tools can provide maximum protection for the user while traveling by enabling Virtual Private Network connectivity to travel in order to exchange important messages and files at high levels of security wherever the user is in addition to protecting user credit card data while browsing through Internet, by opening a fully secure browsing tab when buying from electronic stores. These tools can also hide the history of important contacts, messages, and applications if you use a user's phone.
To protect children while interacting with the Internet across devices, these tools can identify and protect when and how the Internet and applications can be used and protected, monitor their contacts and contacts, locate them on the map at any time, Their device. It can also turn off built-in cameras in mobile devices and desktop computers when not in use to protect the user from spyware and hacker intrusion. These tools enable online payment data to be fully secured to complete purchases of goods from e-shops, complete home delivery applications easily and securely, and eliminate unwanted and spam-based applications running in the background of devices to create more storage capacity. For the user, and speed up the performance of those devices.
Using these tools is very easy. It is easy to download and install from the Internet, create a user account, and then install it on other devices (such as baby devices, home and laptop computers, etc.) and send the required settings to those devices easily. The basic package supports the use of the service on 5 different devices, while the advanced package provides support for 20 different devices for the whole family. The device settings are controlled from the master account, meaning that the user does not have to set up 20 devices separately, enough to determine the category of each device (such as children's devices, work devices, and household appliances) and connect them to the desired features of that category that are already defined by the user. This mechanism justifies the use of the word "cloud" in the name of the product, as interaction with the user account is done through the cloud service, not on each device separately. These tools support work on different operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android and IOS.

Renewable scenarios for protection
The Kaspersky Security Cloud operates according to the unique "Security – as – a – Service Saas" approach, ie the tools are linked to the user 's account, regardless of the device used. This service is unique in that it has the right settings to act like a "consultant" that immediately tells the user what to do to keep communication safe when it is most needed and to avoid compromising personal data when an accident occurs because of a threat.
For example, suppose someone needs to send a confidential document quickly, stop coffee at the nearest café and call free wireless internet access through their mobile device, but this network is dangerous. Cybercriminals can specifically intercept All data transmitted through it, which is familiar. Here, these tools report this risk, and depending on settings, you automatically turn on the VPN feature that encrypts and securely encrypts all sent data to see or get the document sent.
If a person sneaks into the user's home wireless network and secretly monitors all activities of the home population on the Internet (such as surfing the Web and reading exchanged messages) or using the network for free, these tools will prevent this from happening because it identifies all devices connected to the home network and monitors Try entering strange devices into the network, and will tell the user as soon as this happens.
Another example is the user's new password for his account on a social network, but a simple password and easy to hack. The tools will alert you to this, insist on using a simple password, suggest a more secure and reliable password, and tell the user how to do so. You can also help create a password that hackers and criminals can not recognize, which means permanent protection of social networking accounts.
But what if hackers could penetrate the same social network and steal thousands of user passwords? This is also commonplace. In this case, the tools will recognize that passwords are being stolen from that network and issue a warning to the user, prompting him to change his password before it is too late, before his personal data becomes available for sale through piracy networks.
The tools used will be used for the remaining time until the end of the battery pack of the smartphone completely, in order to avoid being unable to notify a person waiting for the delay of an important work for a compelling reason. In another difficult situation, the user finds that the hard drive in his laptop has been disrupted with all his work files, photos, video presentations, new and old, and others.
These tools save regular backups of all user files, and warn them if they suspect that the hard drive is about to be damaged. The company is constantly renewing these tools with other scenarios, allowing the user to stay in touch with continuous data protection thanks to this new adaptive service.

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