Ukraine enacted a law establishing a condition for having sex with the wife

Today's Arabs - Ukraine enacted a law establishing a condition for having sex with the wife

Ukraine is undergoing changes in the Penal Code, to join some European countries, affecting the intimate relations of marital legality.

According to Russian television channel 24 Russia, it will be necessary for the Ukrainians to obtain the consent of the other party to establish an intimate relationship. This amendment not only covers transient and short-term relations, but also extends the relationship between them.

The explicit word "yes" becomes the legal authorization to initiate any sexual relationship, even if it is between a legitimate couple.

It is interesting to note that legitimate marital relations are no reason to reduce this legal basis between spouses, but on the contrary will be more severe.

"Sexual violence" is considered to be "sexual violence" with a husband or wife if one of them does not consent to an intimate relationship, which results in up to 10 years' imprisonment. Sexual violence against a foreigner threatens only a five-year sentence.

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