UK Ambassador Karen Pearce demonstrates a strong presence in the Security Council

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Karen Pearce, demonstrates a strong presence in the Security Council

The United Nations Security Council closed its doors after Friday's meeting and discussed the latest horrific news from Yemen and Syria.

Karen Pearce, the United Kingdom's ambassador to the United States, was fighting the country's diplomatic battles at the command center of the meeting, which topped the headlines for its informal and frank approach to Russia's threat and crises in Syria and Yemen.

While the political class at home is consumed with the exit from the European Union and finding itself increasingly defeated and ignored in Europe, Britain still has a strong influence in the United Nations, through the privileges the United Kingdom gained when it won World War II – membership Standing in the Security Council and the veto power that comes with it – and that no decision can be taken without Britain and the other four permanent members – China, France, Russia and the United States.

She is the first woman to do so, a reflection of the pace of change in the British Foreign Office, where she has recently been placed on top of the ambassadors' list.

Diplomats and observers agree that she has been a strong presence since she began working in March, enjoying her direct and informal style.

It was audible at the UN Security Council session, while many British diplomats became more complicated as the Brixett affair worsened. While the precious "private relationship" became a hostage to Donald Trump's actions, Peres was open to her statements to reporters

Pierce goes to the UN Security Council without taking notes and has been involved in significant exchanges with her Russian counterpart Vasily Nibenzia about Syria and the nerve attack on former Russian spy Sergey Scrippal in Salisbury, who and his daughter survived a toxic attack that Britain said was carried out by two intelligence agents Russian.
Peres said allowing the Russians to take part in the Scrippel investigation would be "difficult".

The Russians suffered another embarrassing defeat, after a week of skirmishes, and got only two votes – from China and Bolivia – in the 15-member Security Council to issue a resolution condemning US air strikes to punish the Syrian regime for the use of chemical weapons.

It has been difficult to get positive discussions in the Security Council, whose mission is to confront the worst that humankind can offer, which daily reports on the war in Syria or famine in Yemen. "I saw a girl who died, all her family, her parents, her uncles and her aunt, in front of her," she said in April. They met the young boys paralyzed by mines and were very shocked to remember what had happened to them. She was skeptical of the Security Council explorations, saying that they were nothing more than diplomatic tourism, but the brutal reality of the atrocities there changed her mind. It's more than you can imagine. "

Britain's permanent representative to the United Nations called on the UN Security Council to do everything to support Turkey in order to maintain the agreement on Idlib. "The Security Council must make every effort to help Turkey maintain the agreement on Idlib," Pierce said. "We welcome the work done by the Turkish government in cooperation with the Russians to control the situation in Idlib," she said.

She pointed out that the situation with the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria is still tense, noting that it agrees with the Permanent Representative of France, who said that "Idlib is a window of opportunity in the peace process."

"The European countries will continue to support each other in the United Nations on the basis of common values, rather than EU membership. "As we leave the EU, the United Nations will be a bigger theater for the UK to be an active and independent force – we hope it will be a force for good," she says.


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