UFO newest "Pencil Holes" giant in Milky Way!

UFO newest "Pencil Holes" giant in Milky Way!

Astronomers have claimed that an unknown object created giant "bullet holes" in parts of the Milky Way.

A series of large holes are found in a long stream of stars known as GD-1, which suggests that some of the things not yet discovered have exploded in that pathway, according to the American Physical Society.

Smithsonian Anna Bonacca, a scientist at Harvard University, believes that giant "bullet holes" may be caused by invisible dark matter, but there is no evidence at the scene of the body behind this huge gap in the star stream.

"The body that produced these holes is more massive than the size of the star. It is about a million times the mass of the sun, so we can exclude the stars because there is no star of that mass," Bonaka told Live Science.

"It is not possible that these gaps are caused by huge black holes, because these kinds of black holes are found in the heart of our galaxy.

In the absence of clear evidence, Bonaka believes that dark matter holes may have paved the way for stars, yet it is premature to exclude any possibility altogether.

Source: Science Alert


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