UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs: The issue of tankers will not end with investigations and we will not rush to give results

uae minister of foreign affairs: the issue of tankers will not end with investigations and we will not rush to give results

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said that the issue of the four oil tankers, which have been subjected to sabotage operations in the Gulf of Oman, will not end with investigations, stressing that his country will be slow to respond.

Gargash said during a briefing on Wednesday that his American and French partners were helping him in the investigation. "We will not rush to give results. We will be slow to respond and we must be wise and skeptical in this matter. File ".

He continued: "Iranian behavior we see in all the circumstances we are going through, and we have always exercised restraint and continue this way," stressing that "it is in our interest to have a responsible attitude from Iran, and what we see on the ground is the opposite .. It is in our interest and the interest of Everyone should pay attention to Iran's internal situation and act as a normal country. "

"The sanctions on Iran have achieved its objectives and all countries agree that Iran wants to destabilize, and it is necessary for Iran to respond to the concern of the international community about its ballistic program," he said.

Source: RT

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