Trump fails to deceive reporters and reveals part of his agreement with Mexico on immigration

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that part of his deal on immigration with Mexico remained secret and tried to tease journalists by waving a copy of it to them, but revealed its content and underestimated its value.

"Most of the terms of the agreement with Mexico have not yet been disclosed," Trump said Tuesday morning, expressing "great happiness" over the outcome of the negotiations with the South American neighbor.

After threatening to impose customs duties, Mexico pledged late Friday to take several measures to curb the transit of migrants from Central America to enter the United States secretly.

The New York Times confirmed that most of these measures, including enhanced border security with Guatemala, had been agreed in previous negotiations, reducing the importance of the content of the text.

"I do not know where the Times came from," Trump said Tuesday, after referring the previous day to a "very strong" secret clause for the United States in the deal.

As he wanted to prove his words, he took a white paper from his jacket pocket during a press conference. "Look at this agreement," he said. "I will let Mexico reveal it in due course."

But with the reflection of sunlight on it was possible to read the content of the paper as well as through the footage of photographers nearby.

The paper said the United States would assess progress on the southern border "45 days after the signing of the agreement."

However, this item is not confidential. Mexico has confirmed that the agreement provides for an assessment of the progress of the Convention after 45 days.

If the flow of clandestine immigrants to the United States has not been controlled until then, the agreement can be revised, with an amendment to Mexican law on the right to asylum, as confirmed by the Mexican authorities.

The Mexican foreign minister did not make clear what Mexico had agreed to if the Americans considered 45 days later that progress in the accord was not enough. Mexico is open to negotiation if we fail but we will not fail, "Marcelo Ibarar told the press.

"There is everything here, everything, nothing extra in this document," he said, denying any classified item.

Source: "AFP"


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