Trump announces state of emergency as tropical storm approaches New Orleans coast

Trump announces state of emergency as tropical storm approaches New Orleans coast

US President Donald Trump on Friday declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Barry approached the coast of New Orleans.

The storm, which intensified on Friday or Saturday morning, is expected to turn into a hurricane before hitting the coast of Louisiana, according to the National Hurricane Center. Bad weather has caused major flooding in recent days in New Orleans.

The National Hurricane Center said wind power was more than 80 km / h with heavy rain, which would lead to "potentially fatal flooding" in coastal areas and along rivers.

A state of alert for a hurricane was announced on Thursday evening in part of the US coast of Louisiana because of the tropical storm Bari, which is expected to be accompanied by torrential rain, especially in New Orleans.

"The risk of major flooding due to heavy rains could lead to sudden flooding and potentially fatal water currents," the city's meteorological service warned.

Authorities said floods accounted for 75 percent of the deaths during hurricanes.

The storm could turn into a hurricane late on Friday night or early on Saturday, before its center reaches the coast.

The National Hurricane Center on Thursday evening issued a pre-warning of a "hurricane" about 36 hours before the onset of heavy winds in the areas concerned.

"We expect a Category 1 hurricane when it touches the ground, which we think will happen on Saturday morning," Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards said. "There will be a very heavy rainfall."

"We are working closely with them, please, be ready, be careful and stay safe," US President Donald Trump said in a message to residents of the region.

Source: Agencies

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