trendmoo1 "" reveals the list of the most popular beauty products for 2018

Arab Today - trendmoo1 "" reveals the most popular beauty products for 2018

The market is full of many makeup Makeup and skin care, and many new products are introduced every day, so it may be difficult to find out what is worth buying or investing in. This is why the Trendmoo1 "" cosmetic and skin care account covered this.

Trendmoo1 has recently released a series of surveys to see products that its 1.2 million followers believe is the best in 2018.

Surveys covered everything from products such as base cream and lip products to skin care and the most popular brand of the year.

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Below we will review the winning list and the best products according to the consensus of the followers of "TrendMood1".

Cream foundation

According to the poll, "Too Faced's Way" was voted the best foundation cream for 2018, beating Estee Lauder's foundation cream.

The cream, which is sold for £ 29, has a great online review for its medium to full coverage and soft skin appearance

Skin ConcealerThe Conseller)

Skin imperfections are used to hide everything from dark circles under the eye to redness and pimples. The good wrap should provide high coverage for the flaws, be firm and the same for your skin. For these reasons, users voted on "Tarte's Shape Tape" 78 per cent of the vote, surpassing "Too Faced's Born This Way Sculpting", and proved that this product is sold every 12 seconds.

Lip products

The brand of famous singer Rihanna Viente Beauty has since been released with a lot of hype. It seems worthy of the hype, as users through Instagram voted for the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer lipstick as the best lipstick product of 2018, with 65% Sounds, superior to Velor Liquid lipstick.

Eyelid shadows

Sometimes, one pack of eyelids is enough for some, but for make-up lovers the multicolored pallet is the best. James Charles, created in collaboration with brand Murphy and makeup blogger Jim Charles, got 66 percent of the vote.

The ballet, full of rainbow colors, won the best cooperation award of the year.

Skin care products

For cosmetic lovers in the UK, the winner of the best skin care product in 2018 is currently available only in the United States, with 55 percent of the total votes on the Touch of Water cream being the product of their choice. The product, made of Japanese wild roses, lily leopard and 33-carat gold.

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