"Tree Man" begs to cut his hands after undergoing 25 surgeries

"tree man" begs to cut his hands after undergoing 25 surgeries

A Bangladeshi man known as the "Tree Man" online has asked for amputation of his hands due to a very rare skin condition in a desperate attempt to ease the pain.

Abul Bagender, 28, has been undergoing 25 operations since 2016 to try to treat a rare genetic condition called epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which causes wood-like growth on his hands and feet.

In 2017, doctors thought they treated the disease after removing about 5 kg of large warts in his hands, but suffered a relapse in May last year, the return of the disease to him.

In January, Yagender, the father of one child, returned to the Dhaka University Medical Hospital (DMC) with the growth of these warts in his hands and feet again.

"I can not bear the pain anymore. I can not sleep at night. I asked the doctors to cut my hands so that I could have at least some rest," he told AFP. "At least he would be relieved by the pain of this Infernal situation. "

Samantha Lal Sen, head of cosmetic surgeons at Dhaka University Medical Hospital, said the seven doctors' council overseeing the case of Bagender would consider his request, but eventually they would do better for his health.

Fewer than six people in the world are known to suffer from this condition. Dhaka University Medical Hospital has already treated a Bangladeshi girl with the same disease in 2017, but the Indian media reported that her condition worsened after the operation.

Source: RT

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