Treatment of vomiting in children age three years

Treatment of vomiting in children Treatment of vomiting in children age three years

Children are always sensitive and weak stomach and can not withstand like the big person, and most of the children if they have a cold or flu role or the climate is a little cold or a little free, it always affects their stomach there are many children vomiting without any known symptoms such as influenza enteric or Common flu or the presence of influenza, in this case diagnosed is that the stomach has seen some of the cold climate or perhaps the stomach was exposed to any of the food or drinks contaminated, today we will identify all the causes of vomiting in children in their early ages, and ways to treat vomiting in children.

Causes of vomiting in children at night

  • There are too many mothers who suffer from vomiting their children at night but throughout the day they do not vomit definitively in which case exclude the common cold.
  • Some doctors also recommend that after 5pm, please drink liquids only for children so that they do not suffer from indigestion and troublesome stomach problems.
  • Also, please do not eat meals full of fat in the evening, it is one of the most meals and foods that increase the process of vomiting.
  • As it is preferred to drink a lot of drinks at night and not dry foods as it facilitates the process of digestion and remove indigestion in our children, please every mother to follow this information in a correct way so as not to face these problems in her children.

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Treatment of vomiting in children due to cold

  • Treatment of vomiting that affects children due to cold climate There are some of the children have almost weak immunity, which is that they are fully exposed in the capture of the roles of cold and gastrointestinal easily from people infected with these diseases or from the climate.
  • After that, the child eats some snacks that are completely cholesterol-free because if they have cholesterol, the complications of the intestinal catarrhal increase.
  • Also prefer to drink a lot of fluids in order not to get dehydrated because the body at the time of vomit lose some of its minerals and sodium.
  • We then walk the baby so that the body in motion and respond to digestion because if you lie for long periods after eating will increase the vomiting due to lack of digestion.

To stop vomiting in children

  • Some children if they have vomiting continue for many days and this is very dangerous as it is possible that the child can occur dryness and dehydration, is the continued loss of minerals such as sodium potassium and other important minerals that are useful in the movement of the body.
  • So if the child vomiting occurs, you should stop it as soon as if the child is suffering from a cold and accompanying vomiting.In this case you should take an intestinal disinfectant and will stop the vomiting or consult your pharmacist in taking a quick medicine to stop the vomiting.
  • Or if the child has digestive problems, please take caution and eat light and small foods at close intervals and not full meals at long intervals, so that we will take the stomach a rest to do its functions easily again.
  • If the child is playing and playing after eating directly, please prevent it completely from this bad habit, because it does not strain the stomach, but increases the fatigue and the food did not reach them fully and what keeps him in the esophagus facilitates the many vomiting operations.

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Treatment of vomiting in children aged three years

  • Many children in their initial age suffer from cerebral vomiting for less and trivial reasons, if for example eating a meal and did not digest it properly it is easy to void it to become indigestible stomach.
  • Therefore, it is known to take caution that children at this age are smarter and that if he does not want to eat his food or happened to move him while eating or chose to play for eating, all of this is easy for the process of emptying Vergie for every mother to be careful, and do the work of eating Delicious and light, for example, some drawings or forms, which loves her child in the food and ask her again and not alienated and run away from her food.
  • Please also consider that children are more intelligent and tell a story while eating. This distracts them from what they think about whether they are playing, having fun or not sharing food, and they will eat as they listen to the story.
  • In order to please always know if they are hungry or not because they can also be themselves and their stomach does not need food to lead to vomiting directly.

Treatment of vomiting in children aged three years

  • Treatment of rewind is not difficult to be at home, every mother and doctor of her child is fully aware of what is happening to her child and what happens, if your child is still rewinding for the age of three years, this is very worrying.
  • There are some children have a disease called reflux esophagus, a phrase that the mouth of the stomach is a bit wide Vstsahl child instead of burping to return eating again Vtkon the stomach in the case of non-binding to eat at all.
  • The return of the esophagus may be anything they eat, but after a period of time, but not a brief period may take this period of two to three hours only means about the time of full digestion.
  • Also, if the child has GERD, this does not decrease his weight at all, but it is more than just slow, but also not something usual for the mother to get used to and leave it, but the mother must take some medications prescribed by the doctor after consulting first and then please take the child a small amount of Eating too long in order to allow the stomach to function and after it is done we feed the child again but do not forget the burping constantly.

Ways to stop rewind in children

  • As the feeding of the child and direct sleep after it also have caused the causes of vomiting immediately before sleep without digestion and the child is easy to return, so please each mother to eat for her three-year-old children feed them before bed on the wise three hours in order to give enough time The stomach can perform proper digestion.
  • Sometimes the air is contaminated and spread by some viruses that infect the body diseases, these children are more susceptible to the infection of these intestinal and annoying, if it happens and your child has a cold, please take the necessary if the child has a cold or his house intestinal and has a continuous vomiting with diarrhea be green color please Immediately take intestinal disinfectants drink or capsules prescribed according to the age of the child.

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So we have come to the end of the topic where we talked about a lot of information vomiting the child, and the causes of vomiting and what happens to this vomiting, but must be fully aware of the causes of vomiting, it is easy to reach our child to dehydration that threatens the lives of our children and please consult a doctor first before Everything for all we know the cause of vomiting in children.


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