Treatment of sudden hoarseness without drugs

Treatment of hoarseness Treatment of sudden hoarseness without drugs

Treatment of sudden hoarseness without drugs, voice hoarseness is a change in the voice and fading during speech, and usually occur to most people as a natural product when they raise their voice for a long time and are not accustomed to, resulting in a feeling of pain in the vocal tendons and pain in the neck and specifically false. Hoarseness also comes as a result of some health conditions in the bronchi, flu, or colds and coughs, all of which causes painful vocal cords and affect their fading and may be surprised hoarseness vocal person who does not suffer from those symptoms or situations that cause hoarseness, and may develop It's until they lose their voice gradually so you have to find out why and how to prevent hoarseness that we offer you in this article.

Causes of hoarseness

  • Hoarseness may come as a natural product of an inflammation that affects the vocal cords and infections here are two types, one acute and one chronic.
  • Acute inflammation of the vocal cords is caused by a bacterium that affects the respiratory tract and causes swelling of the mucous membrane.
  • Dust develops and increases acute respiratory infections as well as smoking and all environmental pollution.
  • Return of gastric juice to the larynx, which may lead to infection of the larynx allergic inflammation.
  • The incidence of laryngeal cancer, which is the first reason is smoking where smoking works on the continuous scratching of the throat, which results in cancer.
  • An enlarged thyroid and an oversized thyroid are common causes of vocal hoarseness.
  • Cartilage is one of the basic components of sound, so the exposure of those cartilage to any weakness exposes the vocal cords to sudden hoarseness.
  • The larynx is subjected to some bruises or wounds, which are called laceration of the vocal larynx.
  • Inhaling harmful vapors such as cigarette smoke or vehicle and factory waste will scratch and damage the larynx.
  • Paralysis of the nerve responsible for food for the larynx.
  • Severe crying that leads to voice wounds and is often experienced by women and children.
  • The entry of some bacteria, fungi or germs into the esophagus and injury to the trachea and thus affect the sound and appear due to hoarseness.
  • Ingestion of harmful and incendiary substances that cause damage to the vocal cords.

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Chronic hoarseness

It is the result of chronic laryngeal infections, which are divided into two important types, a chronic type caused by tuberculosis or tuberculosis and syphilis. These diseases are rare these days thanks to the advancement of medicine, but Sclerom larynx still suffers from them, while the second type of chronic laryngitis has several causes Chronic hoarseness of voice is as follows: –

  • Colds, talking loudly, singing, shouting or crying.
  • Singers' use of vocal layers in singing is ineligible for them, which exposes them to stress in vocal cords.
  • Eat a lot of burning foods and a lot of alcohol and smoking.
  • Eat hot drinks and go out in the cold or eat ice cream frequently, especially in the winter.

The most important foods that help solve the problem of hoarseness

Radish and garlic:

  • Radish and garlic are natural ingredients that act as antibiotics and eating them is very useful for treating hoarseness.

Halitas and black pepper:

  • Mix the amount of black pepper powder, halitet, mustard powder and a section in addition to the right amount of white honey and take a spoonful of it every morning it helps to solve the sound problem quickly.


  • Bring frankincense powder and put in a quantity of pure honey and boil them and leave the mixture to cool and eat a spoonful of it before bedtime and early in the morning daily.

Pine and almond:

  • Bring peeled almond seeds, pine nuts, beans and flax seeds, roast them and mix with pure honey and eat one teaspoon three times a day.


  • Mix the cabbage leaves with boiling water and filter and use as a natural gargle of the mouth or by mixing cabbage with honey and eat three times a day.

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Treatment of hoarseness fitter

Cinnamon and mint:

  • They are used to solve the problem of hoarseness by boiling them and drinking a glass of them three times a day.

Grape juice:

  • Bring the right amount of grapes and extract the juice from it and drink it has many benefits for the treatment of hoarseness.


  • Lemon helps with acidic substance that contains the disposal of bacteria throat and thus helps to treat hoarseness, especially if you add a spoon of black honey to lemon juice and eat a spoonful of it every morning, this will help you a lot to restore the softness of your voice.


  • Bring a few parsley of walnuts and roast them with their outer shell.After they are roasted, grind them well, add the powder to a quantity of grape juice, boil the mixture well on the fire and drink a glass of it daily in the morning.This will help you a lot in the treatment of hoarseness.

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This concludes our article the importance of maintaining your voice in the usual ways, you should reduce smoking and exposure to dust and inhalation of fumes that hurt your throat and stay away from shouting and eating hot drinks and exposure at the same time to the cold weather in winter, we hope that the article will impress you.


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